Granada, Nicaragua’s Best & Trending Restaurants

For many visitors to Granada, experiencing new cuisine and local dishes indigenous to Nicaragua is a great way to connect with the local culture, and fully appreciate everything this trending colonial city has to offer. At Tribal we are often asked to recommend our favorite restaurants for out-of-towners who have only a short time here in Granada. Travelers can easily be overwhelmed with a variety of choices, and so little time. Local upstarts and internationals alike have ventured to bring a a delightful cornucopia of impressive flavors to the plates of Granada. Tribal owners Yvan Cussigh and Jean-Marc Houmard, who have been part of the New York City downtown culinary scene for many years, have a great passion for simple good food, drink and hospitality. The regional blossoming culinary scene was a great influence in their choosing Granada for their new boutique hotel. Here is the short list of some of their favorite suggestions for the itinerant foodie.


Everyone will want to spend a day exploring the colonial city, El Parque Central or Parque Colón is the social heart of Granada. Food Vendors line the park’s periphery to sell various Fritangas like carne asada and all things fried, from plantains to cheese!  The quintessential street food to try here is Vigorón, its roots are pure Granada. The layered dish is served on a plantain leaf topped with boiled yucca or cassava sliced thickly, a heaping of deep-fried pork cracklings, and is finished with a tangy vinegar-infused cabbage slaw and pickled chili peppers.

Here’s the list….

El Garaje | 512 Calle Corral – A unique and intimate lunch spot in Granada where the daily changing eclectic menu features fresh creative dishes, fish and meat, organic salads, and vegetarian options.

The Garden Cafe | Central Park 1 block East  Calle Libertad y Avenida Cervantes

Pita Pita | Calle la Libertad, Miguel Cervantes – New Mediterranean fare

Pan De Vida | 305 Calle El Arsenal – Homemade breads, and baked goods

Villas Mombacho De la Marina Cocibolca – A short drive or taxi ride will take you to the shores of Lake Nicaragua where you will find this quaint thatched roof restaurant ideally located waterfront with wonderful views of Ometepe and the many Isletas. It’s a great place to pass the afternoon and enjoy traditional Nicaraguan dishes.

Bar Restaurant Camino Viejo – Late Afternoon Tapas along the Malecon


Along the Calzada, the lively street to be on in the evening you will find many open air restaurants and outdoor cafes. Locals and tourists alike fill the streets and outdoor tables, enjoying local food, beverages and entertainment.

El Zaguán | Calle La Calzada – Fantastic grilled meats, particularly local beef.

Nectar | Calle La Calzada – Consistently good traditionally fused dishes.

Cafe Los Suenos |  Calle la Calzada – Organic, locally sourced inventive dishes.

Don Luca’s | Calle La Calzada – Fresh Mediterranean, Thin Crust Pizza.

El Tercer Ojo | De Catedral 1/2c Al Lago Calle la Calzada Plaza – Asian, Outdoor lounge atmosphere

Gelateria Italy & … Co | Calle la Calzada – For great Gelato after dinner or late afternoon


Espressonista Specialty Coffee Bar and Restaurant | Calle Real Xalteva # 609.  A Tribal Favorite, creative, artistic, delicious fresh dishes.

Las Colinas Restaurant | Calle Atravesad a Colinas del Sur – is most famous for its fried guapote fish, which is an ugly, carnivorous beast, closely related to the bass family. It is served whole, yet miraculously deboned, accompanied by tomatoes, onions and fresh avocados. Wonderful local atmosphere, dirt floor, thatched roof.

Ciudad Lounge Restaurant | Calle La Libertad – Chef inspired dishes, upscale, trendy, cigar bar.

El Kapuyo Restaurant | Calle El Martirio – Inventive vegetarian.


Chicco Trippa and Boriccua along the Malécon.